Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Work in Life or Life in Work

I always question myself twice before picking work. Ofcouse work will be of my interesting choice but the strings attached to it pauses me.if you agree, would'nt you like to achieve what you meant to do and enjoy the satisfaction in utilizing the talent , without distractions and roundabout trips to goals and energie's. are'nt we free yet to chop of these unwanted strings in this new modren era of internet and ecommerce and use it for our personal space? only after i opened my doors to internet marketing, i could imagine the world behind it. Today's ecommerce presents technology, guidelines, numerous markets, customers ,products ,information and personalization. when we have the world just a click away where are we running daily ...for life or for work? here comes my dilema, i calculate both the weights of life n work and seem be lost empty with the overall act.

I see more people are turning towards starting their business at home and spend time with family and friends along with their work in their convenient times. But does that give them the freedom we all read about in the work from home ads and programs selling everywhere in all media channels? How fast do u think young minds can opt to take it as a choice and gain the fruits?(May be Lawrence Edward, and Sergey Brin co-founders of google are true examples of such success at a young age). well it takes time for any new business to run its own way ..till then the pressure is same in any atmosphere. Comparing with an office it would also take few years to get settled in a position desired. I am sure all young mind with the same business attitude struggles to gain their base initially in corporations and would love to fly off at an accelerated speed towards their golas.

In the midest of all this debate i wonder what the fuss is life about after all? (relationships today are becoming centric making nucleus families and what not )what makes work and life same or different? We do the same things everyday with the self that just shifts its masks on differnt roles as a houseprovider or a employee/enterpreneur. I wonder are we still working so hard for life or are we just living to work our life???

There are numerous articles written about balancing personal life and work , is personal life really different from work life or is it time that is the only differentiating factor between them. By manipulating time with technology can we give ourself the intrinsic satisfaction of our existence?is our generation moving towards discovering something beyond ourself ....

what do you think guys about life/work/time managment?

(this is my first blog , i hope i have not confused or bored you or even myself :)))


Raju Bhupathiraju said...

It stays as an intresting topic as long as humans continue to WORK for better LIFE. :)

If you're living too busy, hurried, and hectic , you may be wasting your life. That's not to say that your schedule isn't filled with good and important things. But you may be letting all those "good" things crowd out better things.

You must say "no" to the bad things in life if you want the good things, and you must learn to say "no" to some good things if you want the better things in life. If you can't say "no" or don't say "no" to some of the demands and pressures that come your way, you don't have any priorities.

The problem is not about balancing work and life. It's about making choices about different parts of life and their importance. Work is a part of life.

Aala Santhosh Reddy said...

We live in a world where most of us make our decisions based on our judgement of what others think about our decisions.

Its simple once we start making independent judgements (of course making sure that the decision affects only us) then we would have more clarity on what we do and why we do them.